Audrey was a girl that sat in my classroom
she never said a word
she just sat there furtively
I never noticed her until I heard the radio
telling about the way she took her life
today it's all upon the covers of the papers
about her folk at home
I guess her daddy's a drinker
her mommy left her
when she was just a little child
oh tell me Audrey, was it the first time
you felt abounding ness

hold on baby
don't be sorry
every day has it's ups and downs
hold on baby
there will be sunshine
every life has it's stormy nights

comes to think about it
there is some things that can't be called
about her arms
they had blue spots on them
I remember to think
it starts to myself
is it wrong to wonder about somebody else problems
I'm not burning with at all

hold on baby,...
...that she lays down on the bottoms of the river
tell me what crime did it take
to take this girls only willingness
but I will pray
that someday, she'll rise again!

If you're out there
I hope you can see my sorrow
and pain of guilt
I never asked you how you were
but one thing I can assure you
after witnessing what is been done
I will open my heart to the new girl
that sits next door!
hold on baby,...

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