Now from A Tribe Called Quest
And i'm here tonight with The Jungle Brothers
And we're about to get into this thing called
Black is Black is Black is Black

Yeah, uh-huh! aah, baby!
Said yeah! ah hah!
Black is Black is Black is Black

In America today, i have to regret to say
Something, Something is not right
And it deals with Black and White
Tell me Mike G is it me?
Nah, it's just society
Filled with propagander, Huh!
Why do we meander, Huh?
In a zone with hate for peace
All of this B.S must cease
All i am is one Black man
In a mighty big White hand
Brother Brother, Sister Sister
If you're Miss or if you're Mister
Listen please to this fact
Black is Black is Black is Black

Black is Black is Black is Black
Black is Black is Black is Black

Way back when in '68
When brothers didn't have it great
They fought back with civil rights
That scarred the soul, it took the sight
The common foe you plainly see
On the streets or on T.V
Segregation was the king
Vietnam was full in swing
Martin Luther had to shout
"Let's get out, get out, get out!"
The situation sort of changed
But what really makes matters strange
Is our foe is well disguised
We don't know where our fate lies
Still and all we cannot lack
The fact that Black is Black is Black

Black is Black is Black is Black
Black is Black is Black is Black

Judged by both my race and colour
Don't you know we need each other?
I need you and you need me
And if not now you soon will see
My light complexion has no meaning
If you think so you're still dreaming
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
There's no time for us to break up
Black is Black not Blue or Purple
Being Black is like a circle
Round and round we all will go
Where we end up i don't know
Listen to me if you will
Your fantasies will get you killed
Reality is what is real
Reality is Black is Black
I try, try to tell my people
We all are one, created equal
Before we master, we must plan
Is that so hard to understand?
Today's the day we get together
To try to change and make things better
If not where will we be tomorrow?
Drowning in the pool of sorrow
Daylight shines but still few see
That we must fight for unity
In a picture that's fixed as Black and White
Why's it both that have to fight?
Uplift the race, uplift the race
See my soul and not my face
All for one and one for all
Black is Black, That's right y'all

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