Only a palace with interior doors
Well painted well gargoyled with multiple floors
Two windows let free this projector machine
And the magical world here appears on the screen
My servants attend me with tricks of the senses
The past and the future and similar tenses
And on platters of air they convey me my measure
Both gladness and sorrow, I lack not for treasure

The lord and his lady are seated within
In the court of the mind where the song does begin
The song is as fine is as fine is as follows
The song does continue through measureless hollows
That sink from the level of personal being
Through caverns of darkness where dragons
Are dwelling

The mountains above them are raised at my calling
Where the apples are ripe or the rain is a-falling

In ships of white vision I sail the horizon
Where three spinners stand beyond the
Horizon under the tree of the apples of beauty
I watch them arranging my days and tomorrows
The song is as fine is as fine as it follows

I stood on the beach where the moon was a-curling
Laughed on the wings of the sea birds calling

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