We're all still here
no one has gone away
Waiting, acting much too
well and procrastinating

The cross of the earth
(let me go through)
The four winds point them
Body to body
Seas to anoint them
The reed they brought him
Sponge and vinegar
Fiery serpents
Spitting gold and cinnamon
The moon was bleeding
And stars were shallow
And the sword that killed him
Was a sword of willow

Hello I must be going well I only came to say
I hear my mother calling and I must be on my way

O I remember it all from before

The winter and the midnight
Could not hold him
The fire could not burn him
Nor earth enfold him
Rise up Lazarus
Sweet and salty
Brother soldiers
Stop your gambling and talk to me
The thieves were stealers
But reason condemned him
And the grave was empty
Where they had laid him

Why heroes die at sunrise
Why the birds are arrows of the wise
Why each perfumed flower
Why each moment has its hour

It's you
It's all true

Stranger than that we're alive
Stranger than that
Stranger than that
Whatever you think
It's more than that, more than that
Happy man, the happy man
Doing the best he can

Keep on walking where the angels showed
(All will be one)
Travelling where the saints have trod
Over in the old golden land
In the golden book of the golden game
The golden angel wrote my name
When the deal goes down I'll put my crown
Over in the old golden land

I won't need to kiss you when we're there
(All will be one)
I won't need to miss you when we're there
Over in the old golden land

We'll understand it better in the sweet bye and bye
You won't need to worry and you won't have to cry
Over in the old golden land

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