so he's asking every day
should I go or should I stay
all the time feeling his unstoppable fire
counting the money for a killer to hire
for himself to delegate the decision
ending his life with human precision
the world would sink into the arms of usurpers
nothing is important
ask the stray dog
the oneeyed with the bag
in the mouth
how many percents
hey do you have
if it's less than forty
you have to piss off
usurpers try to fight us down
so keep your laughter and keep your mind
cos we know some answers they'll never be able to find
let's drink the wine and let us sing
sometimes bitter but without the bad concious
of them who sold their lifes for nothing
we are the ones to find the magicians book
inspite of the pain of it's wisdom
is entering our hearts like a hightide
in the early fall either or
complying with our own law only
expecting the speech of your fools court
that stutters syllabels on the taub world
we are the one's to find the book either or

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