It’s the hardest thing to say.
I think about it night and day.
How I fucked up and I need you to stay.
That’s the last thing I want to do.
Kill myself instead of you,
and it’s so sad that one of us should lose.
All our messed up friends can’t say
why we’ve thrown our love away.
Feeling so far it pulls my head to the floor.
Not thinking anymore.
Gotta lose myself. God forget about it.
It’s getting harder every night
to do the things I know are right,
cos I’m fucked up, and I’m out of my mind.
Hold me close and then you tie me down.
Tonight’s fine girl is the finest around.
Feeling so fucked, I put my hands to the floor and pray.
She gotta lose herself. God forgot about her.
It’s all wine and roses. Whine all the time. Bye.

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