Kissing on the face of girls that never trusted you.
Confession from the kid who claimed he killed the queen.
I want to feel sorry for you but both of us know
these days pass so slow. So I’m burning everything I own
as if I owe you anything. Ripping down all the flesh from bone
until there ain’t anything left at all.
Kissing on the neck of girls that want to advertise you.
Conversations in the dark concerning collapsed attempts to lie.
I want to feel sorry for you but you and I both know
it hurts to be alone. So I’m unlearning everything I know
until I don’t know anything.
This ain’t no fucking ride running thin.
Still burning everyone I know cos they don’t know me.
Ripping down all the flesh from bone.
Who knows anything about life or passing on?
Who’s gonna miss this flesh when I’m gone?
Hit me where it hurts. Hit me where it lasts.
This will never make you happy, Lord knows I’ve tried.

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