As we sift through the hour glass
We realize that an hours passed
And not a person here is innocent
Were both as guilty as a sin

It must have rained all through the night
The tires just couldn’t grip right
So I took another long sip
And wiped away my chapped lips

This is how it ends
We believe every lie and say we’re just friends
How long will it last
Before we scratch all the scripts and we rework the cast

As the hour met the minute hand
We kept racing through this foreign land
With no direction or a telephone
Together we were all alone

That’s when the puzzle was finally pieced
We compromised until our bodies siezed
To some we seem like colder creatures well
We were warm until we went to hell

Cast the first stone
Lets pretend that we don’t have a
Past the worst one
Forbid forget forget that you exist

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