Feel sick I don't know what to say
Frustration building everyday
I've got to figure something for myself
I look at you and I see your frown
Another day when you're feeling down
Is it me or is this something else?

I wanna take your hand
And make you understand
That I thank God
He put me on this earth with you
What am I supposed to say?
Cause I think about you everyday
But I gotta know just what you wanna do

Don't wanna scream I don't wanna shout
Want to sit and figure this all out
Let's turn the TV off and spend some time
Spend a dollar yeah we spend one more
What exactly are we aiming for?
Cause I know this isn't what we had in mind

If I could give you what you want
Would it make your life complete?
I know you don't believe it's true
But yes I want it too
So please tell me cause I'm here waiting
What do you wanna do, What do you wanna say?

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