I remember when we used to talk
About growing up and stuff like that
You always made me feel so important
But now we hardly talk at all
About anything but arguing
It makes me wonder if we ever really meant it

Some people change and some just stay the same
But I never thought you'd look at me that way

Cause I fell in love with you
From the first time that I saw you
Till the last time that we fought yeah you know
I fell in love with you
From the first time that our eyes met
Till the last time that you left
I'm in love with you

I remember all the fun we had
At the movies and the hang out spots
You always said we'd act like that forever
But now we don't hang out at all
And we can't agree on what to see
I guess apologies are better late than never

Some people know just how to say those words
And some just let the words get in the way

Girl, you know everything about me and that's not
Fair that you would hold it against me
But I don't care
Cause I know just what you're thinking
And that you won't stay long
Those times you're gone
I'm holding on to you

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