somebody's trying to kill me

i woke up late this morning
tried my best to be on time
i cant think straigh this early
but i got too much on my mind
and he's watching me
i can't make out his face
oh no his shape is all is see

i don't get enough sleep
and everybody's on my case
my stress level is rising
at an unsuspecting pace
oh go away
the last thing that i need
is someone stalking me today

somebody's trying to kill me and
i don't think i'm ready to take a bow
somebody's trying to kill me and
i don't need the headache right now

i take a (????) from my love
how i gotta (??) this man
words all run together
and my brain is going numb
oh god help me
make him go away
before he starts this killing spree

let me get through one more night
and i'll finally reach the end
of this road that's tooken me so long to drive
well i'll never do this again

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