the tree's still standing in the living room
the wrapping paper's still on the floor
the bulbs are burnt out on the string of lights
that's still hangin' round our door
cookies and milk are still in place
next to unoppened christmas card
the neighbors point and laugh at the plastic rudolph in the yard

it doesn't matter if it's march, may or july
so come on over and we'll have a real good time

it's always christmas (christmas)
it's always christmas woh oh oh
it's always christmas at my house

little rusty's all covered in tinsel
and snot's covered in bows
cousin eddy's gonna make us laugh
with that eggnog on his nose
audrey's gonna complain and whine
till both grandparent's go
clark and ellen are saying goodnight underneath the mistletoe

it doesn't matter if it's winter, spring or fall
the merry christmas sign will be hangin' on the wall

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