Last night Darth Vader came to me
And told me that he would melt my brain
If I didn't catch my destiny
Before Biff snatched it away from me
I can't have that so I'm asking you, Lorraine

8:55 where you gonna be?
Under the sea

Do you wanna dance with me?
Do you wanna hold my hand?
Are you scared like I am?

I don't wanna miss my favorite TV show
No daddy-o not for some blind date
But if fate has brought me to you now
I'll row with it but I don't know how
Science fiction theatre can wait

Do you really think I oughta swear?
Would it show her how much I care?
Well that's great but I'm not that kind of guy
So hey you get your darn hands off her
Oh yeah cause she's got a better offer
She's the earth angel of my eye

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