You're either with me or against me, either way is fine with me
I ain't lookin for no trouble, but I won't back down cause fighting comes with integrity
People are always putting me down, they say when you grow up, maybe then you'll learn
But they live their lives without passion, they got no ideals, they don't have a soul that burns
A wise man once said, "To thine own self be true"

Never give in, never compromise, you don't get strength from other's acceptance
Just do what's right and your strength from inside of you
Never give in, never compromise they'll try to chip away at your convictions
Don't let them drag you down while their souls run away and hide,
and their souls will always run and hide

Mistakes will be made and the costs will be paid, then back out on that lonesome trail
But they'll try to point out everytime you trip up,
they get their kicks from seein other people fail
Critics will always have something to say,
they ain't got nothing else except to hear themselves talk
They wish they had something to believe in,
and it pisses them off more when they see you walk the walk
Now I'm walkin down the avenue and I'm feelin alright

Sometimes I get lonely, sometimes I just want to die
Sometimes I get so tired from fighting the good fight
Maybe all of them are right, maybe they're all right
Then I look inside, with a little faith I look inside

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