From the factories to the fields to wherever darkness wields its knife
To the hearts of freedom beating
For those who have a burning deep down inside that scares them to death but keeps them alive
In the middle of the battlezone surrounding
No matter how many battles are won, the war will continue to rage on
With their unlimited weapons of media, power and money
And just when you feel all hope is lost, you hear of someone with their life they've paid the cost
You return to the fight a little more scarred, a little more determined
Everyone else around you wallows in the abyss of mediocrity
But you're all consumed with the altruistic vision that every person should be free
But through every cloudy night, your only driving force is to do what's right
You never give in, you keep fighting the good fight
You fight for one person to get a second chance and you fight for the masses to be able to dance
In a freedom drenched field of dignity and justice
Your heart well it must be strong, and your soul true enough to carry on
As you lose your mind in the midst of all the shambles
The odds are stacked so high, its so much easier to resign
Yourself to live your life the way they told you
We know we're strong enough to survive, but we'll be damned if our kids have to live their lives
With the same kind of hopelessness and utter despair
We can't protect them from every evil they see but we can fight for them to live free
With a little self worth and liberty screaming
And those that came before us and worked all their lives
Never made it ahead, let alone, couldn't even get by
Never got to enjoy what they worked so hard for
For our children who have yet to come, and our parents and grandparents who fought on and on and on
That forges the unyielding passion for the fight of freedom
They're gonna think we're crazy and look down on us
We may be poor, but our souls are righteous
And I'd rather be damned than live how they told me to

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