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500 Miles
All Around The Place
All You Zombies
Always A Place
And We Danced
Beat Up Guitar
Blood From A Stone
Boys Will Be Boys
Brother, Don't You Walk Away
Dancing On The Edge
Day By Day
Day by Day
Day by Day (с табами)
Deliver Me
Don't Knock It 'Til You Try It
Don't Take My Car Out Tonight
Driftin' Away
Engine 999
Engine 999 (с табами)
Fightin' On The Same Side
Give The Music Back
Graveyard Waltz
Great Big American Car
Hanging On A Heartbeat
Hard Rockin Summer
Heaven Laughs'
Johnny b (с табами)
Johnny B.
Karla With a k
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Mr. Big Baboon
Nervous Night
Nobody But You
Nobody But You (с табами)
One Too Many Nights
One Way Home
Private Emotion
Shadow Of Jesus
She Comes In Colors
South Ferry Road
Time After Time (Live)
Twenty-Five Hours A Day
Washington's Day
Where do the Children Go
Where do The Children go (с табами)
You Never Know Who Your Friends Are