[samples are from "Dude Where's My Car"]
[Mr. Eon]
Yes yes uhh, just a table for one
Hmmmm, yeah...
This emcee addicted to MSG
So just sit my ass down with a menu and tea
First I don't want chicken wings in deep fried batter ("and then")
Bring me one of them small poo-poo platters ("and then")
I kill you hun if you spit in my food ("and then")
My next shit resemble some egg-drop soup ("and then")
Since ya beef is tougher than tephlon ("and then")
bring me some of your spicy eggplant seshuan ("and then")
I'll get some chicken with orange or lemon ("and then")
No no no scrap that, I'll have the number 11 ("and then")
I'm gonna dung now for I eat to Kung Pow ("and then")
Hot and sour soup hit me like a gun blaow ("and then")
Your dumplings'll have me dumping ("and then")
Had me runnin from that chicken chunk king ("and then")
That's it, don't make me look inside the kitchen ("and then")
That's my whole order miss, ain't nothin missin ("and then")
Oh-ok, bring me out a can of coke ("and then")
No fried won-tons I can't handle those ("and then")
Pork knot in duck sauce and chopsticks ("and then")
More teeny little noodles miss won't you stop this ("and then")
I just wanna sit down and eat the food ("and then")
What's that ya sayin, am I being rude? ("and then")
When the rest is gon' pass the wet naps? ("and then")
I'll be back tomorrow you can bet that ("and then")
("and then?") ("No and then!")
("and then!") ("No and then!")
("and then!") ("No and then!")
("and then!") ("No and then!")

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