(feat. What? What?)

I'm jumpin all over this track like a trampoline
You can call me the master of seen and unseen
I'm like a glad-lock zip, makin MCs turn green
And ever since the age of 7 was a hip hop fiend
Sendin a shout to the bad seed, my man Dupree
representin Diamond district all the way from queens
Woulda finished up the album but I bought the play station
Now we sit for hours playin 4 mcs an education
I release stress with my ball point pen
Making it scroll from left to right and back again
Representin for the league 7 women 2 men
Cuz we got 9 players on the team a.m
Not players in the sense that we sick for style
It's like I bounce on funky tracks with the lyrical style
From the field to the studio the game stays on
From the present to infinity my vocals stay strong

Y'all might know me from I drop my style like this
It's bliss when the microphone's inside my fist
I kiss all the sex goodbye, it's hard to resist
Now I drink the liquid down it makes my system pissed
Of alcohol, fibreglass, and rhymes my body consists
I twist the ritz claim your style short like a brisk
It's What? sendin a shout-out to Critical Chris
Who'll pick all commercial rappers suckin on lips
Sometimes vex when I flex my ill pen needs
Sometimes in the mic checks my voice is too weak
I never claimed to be the best MC that grabbed the mic
I just got a tendency to give the people what they like
I'm on the top, you're on the bottom, like the caste system
I speak in people gettin shocked like lightnin flash victims
I inject methadone and watch your body crack up
Never get too close when you be neck stacked up
Got my verbs nouns and adjectives in perfect form
Reigning over MCs like a linguistical storm
On this I kicks off beat style drum easily
Ella pours and flip back your sucker mcs an you're not ready
I'm havin smooth and headin rough and spittin burnin and skippin
Still then hoppin and kickin flippin front to back back to front Side to side
This what the track is outlined don't think that y'all niggers can handle this
Turnin bilingual rip it in Spanglish
Uno, do dos, do tres, do quatro
What what stupid mcs like gespacho
Don't pick up the apparatus actin all macho
This style is meant to be eaten like nachos
I drop so I end this but i will return
Resource and Herbalise and let the sex be burned

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