Won't you tell me your story
Your fall from grace
How you came to this place
Tell me what you're doing here
All your thoughts and all your fears
If there's nowhere left to go
Then there's something you should know

If you're falling you're not the only one
If you're blinded stop staring at the sun
I'm calling out to you
Because you're reaching out to me
And I'm wanting you to know

You're extraordinary
You're not ordinary
Are you trying hard enough to be all that you can be
If you're scared and lonely
Then you're feeling just like me
You only get one life to live
... so, how's it gonna be?

You keep waiting for something
To fall from the sky
Give you all the reasons why
You're not where you want to be
If there's nothing left to see
Tell me what you're waiting for
Because I know you're wanting more

If you're hurting you're not the only one
This is no ending your life has just begun
I'm calling out to you
Because I know you're listening
And I wanted you to know

So, how's it gonna be
When you start to see
Everything you need
Is falling into reach
Have trust in me I need you to believe

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