In a half-faced mask made of tinted glass
Walking streets of creased wet concrete
where her curse [attacks] sometime
by the screaming chain-store signs
You can feel each bruise with each shakey hoof
which conveys her through this limbo
where the blue lights [at full tide]
Deny the facts of her life

When you ruled by his [????]
[by his broken his children]
You beat up on the Joneses
[Only robots could kill me]
Because you know he was with you
when you buried your future
you were lost and 18

You justify the use of force
by the well-armed world that [did you so short]
as the years roll on by like a drunk old horse
and you purr like Gary Numan's Porsche

See the midlife hacks with their [...] of cash
get to live for long enough
to see nostalgia and pastiche
stored in leather and mesquite

But they take out 'f'-words
and they take out the 'p'-words
and they take out the 'j'-words
and they take out the 'zed'-word
and they take out the 'u'-word
and they take out the 'end'-word
All that's left is the garbage
but that will do--CHORUS

On Gary Numan's Porsche
it says, "Bring back the 60's, save the queen [but gas the poor]"
Gary Numan's Porsche
is waiting outside of the stage door
so don't deface the room
He'll be leaving soon...I hope

Well, it's 80's Night, her remaining light
as the Bedsit '81 fades into Suicide '94

and the future [we told]
[like the snow-in ????]
and the one which we live in
Charmless and boring
Gary, please, can you fix it?
take us up in your spaceship
Set us free in this Porsche
which says...

You justify the use the force
by the well-armed world that knows you're cornered
in the work of [...]
there are better things to do than name the days--CHORUS

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