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From: [email protected] (Lucas Tepper)
Subject: CRD: The Everly Brothers - Let It Be Me (revised version)
The Everly Brothers, Let It Be Me
1 [G] I bless the [D] day I found you
[Em] I want to [Bm] stay around you
[C] And so I [G] beg you
[C] Let it be [G] me
2 [G] Don't take this [D] heaven from one
[Em] If you must [Bm] cling to someone
[C] Now and [G] forever
[C] Let it be [G] me
R [C] Each time we [Bm] meet love
[C] I find [G] complete love
[Am] Without your [Bm] sweet love
[C] What would life be [B] [D]
3 [G] So never [D] leave me lonely
[Em] Tell me you [Bm] love me only
[C] And that you'll [G] allways
[C] Let it be [G] me
R again
3 again, repeat last line
Groeten, __^__
/(o o)
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