All right, here it is on the real side, I've seen my lyrics packaged like a box of Tide but I let it ride just like cruise control, gave em space for all their mind control games you know they're playin all the things that they're sayin, I never really understood the laws that I was obeyin, not realizin, false philosophizin, never really wise'n up.
I'm free fallin, I know you think I'm wallin everything I've got up inside but I'm not cuz now I'm ballin, and callin, all the punks I'm mallin, up up and around and up up and down, we've got er movin, the lyrics are soothin, but that's not all they're doin, my double entandres smoothin out all the mixed metaphors that you're givin cuz night after night I'm representin what you're livin.
Spin another one.
Hey yo Nick, I made you're instrumental, I added you're vocal, I took it to the stage and yeah the people went loco but now I'm gettin together with my shit tryin to make it work and fightin to make it fit into the plan that I see developin, not like the sound bytes that I see them sellin in the record shops they're at the top of the pop charts, turnin em out like another box of Pop Tarts.
Spin another one.

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