I want you
I wanna tell you
Just when you walked to me
The ceiling hit the floor
My body in between
Now you know sometimes I just want to stop facing reality
And the blows
And you’re walking around in the park
And you’re waiting for it to get dark
There’s a hole in the hole in your heart
You say “just talk to me
I’m the one with feelings”
Don’t you know
You held a call for me
All for me
All for everyone you’ve ever known
When you’re standing alone in a queue
And you wonder what else you can do
And there’s no way of making it stop
Turned inside out
And the drips that are filling your nose
Telling them what they already know
And you’re feeling the weight of your clothes
Turned inside out
Will you ever remember my name?
Will you ever be coming my way?
Every babe on the card is the same
So why do I miss you?
There’s a turn that you took to the right
Did you really expect me to fight?
Now I’m tearing at my insides
Turned inside out

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