You think that you can forget me
As soon as you can find someone new
But you can never forgive me
For all the things you say that I put you though
Do you still wounder about me?
If I've found something to kill my pain
And did you think you could hurt me?
By driving me insane?
You killed me, left me there to rot
I let go, now I am beyond contro
l I let go, I give up my life for what?
I let go now I am Beyond control
Never forget my face
Inside your heart is an empty space
But never forget my Face
I'll kake the blame you shove my way
There's not much left for us to save
I'll never ask for anybody's help
You never knew the price we'd have to pay
You can never forget my face
You can never
No notnever
You can never forget my face

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