Fur soft as fur.
Taking the rough with the smooth.
I know it hurts
Me more than it ever would you.

Fur soft as fur.
Fresh strawberries and cream.
Sometimes at work
I feel like a machine.

Dreams don't always come true
The way you want them to.
I suppose this'll have to do
For the time being.

Fishes and worms
Frozen under the ice.
Sometimes it hurts
So much it feels nice.

I'm afraid of growing old
And being on my own,
So I'm putting my country shoulder
To the wheel.

I'm afraid of letting go
Of everything I know.
So I just sadly float
Away down stream,
Smiling at the leaves,
Chewing butter beans,
And wondering what dreams
Are made of fur.

Fur, fur soft as fur.
Fur so soft it hurts.
Fur too soft for words.
Fur soft as fur.

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