Under an eclipse of ever-rising feeling
Moving faster through my veins
And bleeding out the sun
That’s beating down on our necks
And burning my eyes
If this is a crutch for the weak
Then I am the least of these
So cut off my arms and break my legs
So I don’t feel this anymore
Choking on all of the feeling
That I’m swallowing in
Tasting the failure on my lips
That I’ve lead in
That I’ve lead in
That I’ve lead in...
This is my last chance for survival
A last sitch effort to cure my ache
We’re so vain aren’t we?
We’re so proud and empty
We’re left leaning on our only intrigue
The lies that I’ve told they won’t bury us whole
They won’t find us in time
This is the end of the story that I, I can't forget
This goes far beyond our loyalties
We feign as a,a shield
That’s teeming with guilt and resonance
But we held our heads so high...
We have not yet defeated failure

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