A Sister Like You
After Murder Park
American Guitars
Bailed Out (с табами)
Bailed Out (с аккордами)
Bailed Out
Chinese Bakery
Daughter Of A Child
Dead Sea Navigators
Don't Trust The Stars
DonÇ¢© Trust The Stars
Early Years
Everything You Say Will Destroy You
Fear Of Flying
Home Again
Home Again (с табами)
Home Again (с аккордами)
How Could I Be Wrong
I'm A Rich Mans Toy
IÇ¢Вќ A Rich Mans Toy
Idiot Brother
Junk Shop Clothes
Junk Shop Clothes (с табами)
Junk Shop Clothes (с аккордами)
Land Lovers
Lenny Valentino
Light Aircraft On Fire
Married To A Lazy Lover
Modern History
New Brat In Town
New French Girlfirend
Show Girl
Showgirl (с табами)
Showgirl (с аккордами)
The Child Brides
The Upper Classes
Underground Movies
Unsolved Child Murder
Valet Parking