just got one comment to make
So please don’t take
These awkward affairs to your heart, baby

Just want you to know
That there’s no other place to go
Than down from here, my lady

I have to get away from
All of this pain but
It’s is kind of hard
When it is always the same
I tried too hard
To find a way to pull it apart
When I should have been
Finding you

Give me some time to make it alright
Take my hand; I’ll be the one to guide you through the night
I know it’s not fair when you are scared
But in the end who else cared?
I was the one who helped you through
The one made it easier on you
Been living life, with your wrists to the knife
But I promise you baby – It’ll be alright.

Why are you always mad at me?
When I am the one trying to ease your misery
How can I be the one to blame?
When you were the one putting it all to shame

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