2 Late 4 Love
A Lot to Lose (с табами)
Action Talks
Alot to Lose
Be a Man
Before my Eyes
Call it What You Want
Call it What You Want (с табами)
Can't Stop
Caught In A Dream (с аккордами)
Caught In A Dream
Change in The Weather
Cover Queen
Crazy Nights
Cumin' Atcha Live/Truckin
Did it For The Money
Don't De-rock me
Down Fo Boggie (с аккордами)
Down fo Boogie (с табами)
Down Fo Boogie (с аккордами)
Down Fo' Boogie
Edison's Medicine
Ez Come ez go
Flight to Nowhere
Freedom Slaves
Games People Play
Gettin Better (с табами)
Gettin Better (с аккордами)
Gettin' Better
Got No Glory
Government Personnel
Had Enough
Hang Tough
Heaven Nine Eleven
Heaven's Trail (no Way Out)
Into The Now
Lady Luck
Lazy Days, Crazy Nights
Little Suzi
Little Suzi (с табами)
Little Suzi (с аккордами)
Look @ Me
Love me
Love Song Live (с аккордами)
Makin Magic
Mama's Fool
Mighty Mouse
Miles Away
Modern Day Cowboy
Mother's Little Helper
Need Your Lovin'
Only You (с аккордами)
Only You
Party's Over
Rock me to The Top
She Want She Want
Shine Away
Signs Live (с аккордами)
Song & Emotion
Song & Emotion
Song And Emotion (с табами)
Stir it up
Thank You
The Gate/invited
The Way it is
The Way It Is (с аккордами)
Toke About it
Tommy's Down Home
Try so Hard
We Can Work it Out
We're no Good Together
What A Shame
What You Give
What You Give (с табами)
What You Give (с аккордами)
Wonderful World
Wonderful World (с табами)
Words Can't Explain
Yesterdaze Gone