Not enough days, not enough hours, for the people who want my time
If it were within my power, I would lock you all away with me
In a world with no money
We get caught in a circle, doing nothing over and over again
It's so easy, just existing, like believing that living is a sin

(What do you want?) I want to live
(What do you want?) Somewhere to go
(What do you want?) I know it's in here, in here inside me

I want to live in a world with no money

Always saying, never doing, that's the way I live my life
Gotta get a true religion, I can't find one here, but i think i might
In a world with no money

It's a dream - It's a cop out - a wish for something that will never be
There's too many people, there's too much tradition
Too many buildings
And not enough me

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