Yeah, I remember it now, we were kids back then livin' down on the farm
We were told that the city could only bring us harm
"How far is the city?" somebody said, and "Oh, that's a great big town."
Barbara said, "Why, it's a million miles," and the story got around

It's a million miles to the city
From the hills and valleys we know
It's a million miles to the city
And someday we all wanna go

There was a town nearby, but a town is a town, and a city...well, that's
something else
Our daddy had been to a city but he never was much help
"Why the buildings are taller than Oak trees." Ah, but we knew better than that
Ain't nobody could climb that high, the cities were wide and flat


Well now time has passed and we have grown and travelled far and wide
The cities have changed the kids we were, we see it in each others eyes
But I'd love to go back to those hills again, to the boy I used to be
Where the leaves and the wind and the whippoorwills were part of the land like me

(Chorus x 2)

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