Ref: If you wanna feel stronger
and live much longer,
than smokingґs not the way
couse thatґs the worst to do today
The easest thing is donґt start to do it,
so use the better way and just go true it

Rap1: Donґt smoke!- Thatґs what i say
think about the people that die of it today
Imagine how discusting it feels,
to kiss a woman with a brath that kills
I wouldnґt try this shit,
even if I was Robert DeNiro.
So baby take a look at it,
and stop feeling like a zero.
Rap2: Iґm back!- You better stop smoking
couse youґre driving out of the track.
How would you feel,
to kill somebody with your cars wheel?
If you wanna get rid of this feeling,
so stop eat smoke thatґs killing.
Rap3: If you thought I left, youґre wrong.
Iґm helping you to get friends
from the people you fell lost among.
If you wanna get friends so stop smoking.
You will live a life that never ends and say:
"Iґm in the sky - walking!!"
So all the smokers that have hird this song,
You are loosers, and donґt think Iґm wrong.
End words: So I will leave you now,and i hope that you have learnd a bit.
If anybody asks you how,
just say: Donґt try that shit!

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