People are lying, they keep on trying
To live where they can be free
They jam into boats with a knife
At their throats, It's a problem, for you not for me

The trouble is;
Politicians rule with an iron hand
The trouble is;
The threat's alive among the living and the dead

Children are crying, people are starving
We say we're helpless, it's their destiny
Countdown to disaster, before and after
Is all the same, but with a different name
And that's all

The trouble is;
Black and white are turning into grey
The trouble is;
It's getting hard just to get the time of day

I get up at night and I can't find the light
As I stumble in total darkness
I'm writing this song
To point the finger at what's wrong
But words of wisdom seem to escape me

The trouble is;
You got no right to tell us right from wrong
The trouble is;
It's just too bad if you don't like this song
The trouble is;
You politicians can't understand
The trouble is;
That we the people will fight 'till the end

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