well, i've fallen from the grace of a dog whatcha gonna do? I'll scribble it down in my log i don't believe you! It wouldn't hurt to believe me well maybe just a little sting, clouds outside are rolling in right through my bolted door cold sweats are dampening me with their mediocre lore time spent in a welded life sealed tight shut like a lover's war i trusted you and took you in, but in the end you were like the rest you were just like them you were just like them "Them" Meaning the rotten end you were just like them now i'm in this purgatory of self-inflicted shame I trust non one Don't talk no more "hello, have a good day" my big frowns were smiles once but now i've changed my ways this human race is spotted with a cruel, colored disgrace, and you're just like them, yes, you're just like them no more apologies spent cause you're just like them (Koski/Bonnel)

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