Verse 1:
Emptiness ablaze in the sky - in your eyes
Foretold a future, what holds mine - an empty man
Beginning a journey without destination - forever blind
I threw it all away today - my life means nothing anyway

Challenge what the future holds, thousand years these stories told
Growing black, a nasty mold rotting in your heart
Buried world at six feet deep, welcome to eternal sleep
Herded like a flock of sheep, unto the void of death

Blackness, can't see what you've done to me? Setting free...insanity
Broke, a lost man, where I stand, I can't see, I can't see the truth

Verse 2:
Like an apple of an eye, the lies - inside
I can see the world so clear right now - what lies?
Staring through the eyes of my father - a blinded man
Leaving what you'll never know behind - an empty child

(Repeat Pre)

(Repeat Chorus)

You left me here all alone, I banish thee
This child inside your life, this child won't set you free
Distinction of hate, decisions I create
Distinction of hate, let it all set you free

Father, relentless rejection - in the end you'll always be my foe
Mother, relentless infection - in the end you'll always be my foe (x2)

Verse 3:
I will never forgive or forget - without regret
You leave me blind and leave me deaf - innocence
Too young to know the fucking truth - stripped of my youth
So now the blame is all on you - on you

(Repeat Pre)

(Repeat Chorus x2)

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