Verse 1:
The life I knew has ceased to exist
The will to live is slipping through my fist
Left me with an emptiness inside
Everything that I once was has now died
You were everything I wish I could be
A moment past, forever gone
Death took the sun and stars away from me

Verse 2:
Everything is gone, nothing left
Time has stopped waiting for death
With your name upon my lips
For this there is no forgiveness

I have fallen away from divinity
Away from grace and all its dignity
I must fight against the reality
Damned to dwell the darkness for eternity

Verse 3:
Feeling lost a darkness fills my soul
Running from the shadows, losing control
What the hell have I done to myself?
Dead inside, but I still feel this pain
I shall fight my way back
Out of hell
To recapture the love that God ripped away

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 4:
Still I'm lost forever in hell
Searching for the love God ripped from me
God took her away for his own glory
Then damned me to never see her face
I dwell in hell knowing I shall not return
Though I am dead my heart beats still
Though I am dead my heart bleeds forever

Forever I am lost within myself
An endless abyss of emptiness
You took her away and left me to die
Now a blackened soul with no tears to cry

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