It's part of the act
the 50 states
pack up your bags
it's never too late
from alabama to arkansas
follow alaska say what you saw
swim in the ocean
maryland may
then massachusetts
what a great place
go to new hampshire
missouri too
it's not virginia
but it will do

take a drive to ohio
we went running through the ohio
in my favorite avenue
i tried it on my favorite shoes

theres mississippi
kentucky blue
rhode island rage
and a tennesee too
see oklahoma
or michigan
theres a nevada
see washington win
oh arizona
connecticut yankee
love ohio
deleware who
go minnesota
we're thinking of you

when we came to washington
we went running through the rain
in my favorite city park
in my favorite time of day

go california
wyoming too
go to wisconsin
new jersey loves you!
fly into georgia
idaho gang
poor indiana they all seem the same
flordia boating
montana too
visit nebraska
theres nothing to do
north carolina
oregon arms
illinois people
illinois times

if i lived in rhode island
or if i'd lived in michigan
or if i lived to be a man
will you come for me again?

theres west virginia
berlin vermont
visit hawaii
or new mexico
iowa texas
take it all in
the mormons in utah
the money and gin
driving at night
south carolina
what a delight!
dakotas and kansas
jump on a train and drive to new york

it's part of the act
the 50 states
pack up your bags
it's never too late

(God bless America land that I love!)

(Thanks to Jordan for these lyrics)

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