That's how I like it, hardcore hip hop
Bassdrum kickin' so the party don't stop
In the music that you hear comin' out the box
I want bass that growls and a rhythm that rocks
I like a crowd that can really shout
If you like it get down, if you don't get out
'Cause I'm here, and I wanna take control
And I'm takin' back all the lyrics you stole
Style, I don't really have one
I write what I like and I get the job done
With a hardcore rhyme that leads the pack
Got the dance floor shakin' with the music 'cause
That's how I like it

Get back, get out of my way
'Cause foolin' with fools is a game I don't play
But some suckers still gang me thinkin' that I bend
I knock 'em down, pick 'em up and then I beat 'em down again
Spice is the name I was given
And I got reputation for hardcore livin'
Pumpin' up the bass drum, shakin' my car
Got a rhythm comin' in on the guitar because I like to rock hard
No sell out allowed
My only mission in life is to rock the crowd
I work great under pressure, no man I ain't jokin'
You think you can beat me, what have you been smokin'
Eight years ago I began writin' rhymes
I was ten years old when I wrote my first rhyme
Eight years later I've perfected the art
And I'm here on stage cold tearin' it apart
Spice is my name and Devo is my title
I spend hours rehearsing for a rap recital
Magic Mike mixed the music so the record sounds def
Got my posse in effect backin' up what's left
Bozhead, Ace, Baksai Nok
M.C. Squared and Piles all help me rock
That's the Dead Town posse from the Sudden Death crew
We're together for you're pleasure and we're doin' what we do
Best, breakin' down a dope beat
Got the dance floor shakin' so you gotta move your feet
I cause a lot of damage and the damage shows
It's worse than Freddy Krueger pickin' your nose
I'm not done
I came here for one reason, that's to have fun
While I was doin' mine people yellin' "Go homeboy!"
While you were doin' yours they just yelled "Go home!"
That's what happens when the Devo Spice busts a rhyme
With rhythm and it's always on time
So prepare yourself, don't act like a slob
While I keep the party rockin' and I finish the job

Spice is an M.C., get my gist
Bet you never heard a white boy rap like this
But now that you heard me, how do I compare
I'm a white boy from Trumbull, sportin' red hair
You think that I'm a sucker, you give me no respect
You can call me what you want but don't call me collect
I don't care, I'm only here to rap to the cut
You wanna try to battle me, suck my what?
People in the audience seldom get enough of me
Makin' suckers into dead bodies is my specialty
This is an example of the way that I rap
And I do it like this every day because that's how I like it
When I plan my attack
I come prepared, never scared, and I'm always on track
Devo Spice, the main rap contender
Puttin' thoughts into words forcin' others to surrender
People often think I can't do what I can
I look like this because that's who I am
Don't like what you see better close your eyes
If you thought I was a sucker then you're in for a surprise
Devo Spice M.D., M.D. stands for Majorly Demented
I write my own rhymes, I don't steal them or rent them
Bust a rap and disappear
That's it for me homies, peace, and I'm outta here

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