"come Sail Away" (с табами)
22 Years
A Criminal Mind
A Day
A Man Like Me
A Song For Suzanne
A.d. 1928
A.d. 1958
After You Leave Me
All In A Day's Work
As Bad As This
Babe (с табами)
Babe (с аккордами)
Back To Chicago
Best New Face
Best Of Times (с аккордами)
Best Thing
Blue Collar Man (с табами)
Blue Collar Man
Blue Collar Man (с аккордами)
Boat on The River (с табами)
Boat On The River (с аккордами)
Boat On The River (с переводом)
Born For Adventure
Borrowed Time
Bourgeois Pig
Brave New World Reprise
Captain America
Carrie Ann
Castle Walls
Children Of The Land
Christopher, Mr. Christopher
Clair De Lune
Cold War
Come Sail Away
Come Sail Away (с аккордами)
Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball (с табами)
Dear John
Do Things My Way
Don't Let it End
Don't Let it End (reprise)
Double Life
Earl Of Roseland
Edge Of The Century
Everything Is Cool
Evil Eyes
Fanfare For The Common Man
Father O.S.A.
Fields Of The Brave
Fooling Yourself
Fooling Yourself (Palm Of Your Hands)
Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
Genki Desu Ka
Golden Lark
Goodbye To Roseland
Great Expectations
Great White Hope
Half-penny, Two-penny
Hallelujah Chorus
Haven't we Been Here Before
Havent we Been Here Before (с табами)
Havent We Been Here Before (с аккордами)
Havin' A Ball
Heavy Metal Poisoning
Heavy Water
High Crimes And Misdemeanors (Hip Hop-Cracy)
High Enough
High Time
I Will Be Your Witness
I'm Gonna Make You Feel It
I'm O.k.
It Takes Love
Jonas Psalter
Just Fell In
Just Get Through The Night
Killing The Thing That You Love
Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
Lady95 (с аккордами)
Light Up
Little Fugue In "G"
Little Suzie (с переводом)
Lonely Child
Lonely People
Lords of The Ring
Love at First Sight
Love At First Sight (с аккордами)
Love in The Midnight
Love Is The Ritual
Man in The Wilderness
Man Of Miracles
Midnight Ride
Miss America
Miss America (с табами)
Miss America (с аккордами)
More Love For The Money
Mother Dear
Mother Nature's Matinee
Mr Roboto (с аккордами)
Mr. Roboto
Music Time
Never Say Never
Not Dead Yet
Nothing Ever Goes as Planned
Number One
On My Way
One With Everything
Pieces of Eight
Plexiglas Toilet
Put Me On
Queen of Spades
Queen of Spades (с табами)
Quick Is The Beat Of My Heart
Renagade (с аккордами)
Right Away
Rock & Roll Feeling
Rockin' The Paradise
She Cares
Show me The Way
Sing For The Day
Southern Woman
State Stree Sadie
State Street Sadie
Street Collage
Suite Madame Blue
Sweet Madam Blue (с табами)
Sweet Madam Blue (с аккордами)
The Best of Times
The Grand Finale
The Grand Illusion
The Grand Illusion (с аккордами)
The Grove Of Eglantine
The Message
The Serpent Is Rising
There Are The Times
This Old Man
Too Much Time on my Hands
Unfinished Song
Waiting For Our Time
Welcome To The Real World
What Has Come Between Us
What Have They Done To You
While There's Still Time
Why me
Winner Take All
Witch Wolf
World Tonite
Yes I Can
Yes I Can (с аккордами)
You Better Ask
You Need Love
Young Man