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(When You) Call Me
A Casual Affair
A Gospel
A Man Of Great Promise
A Solid Bond In Your Heart
A Stones Throw Away
A Woman's Song
A Woman's Song (HSTGA Version)
All Gone Away
All Gone Away
All Year Round
April's Fool
Big Boss Groove
Boy Who Cried Wolf (с табами)
Boy Who Cried Wolf
Can You Still Love Me?
Changing Of The Guard
Come To Milton Keynes
Confessions 1 2 & 3
Confessions Of A Pop-Group
Down In The Seine
Everybody's On The Run
Fairy Tales
Ghosts Of Dachau
Have You Ever Had It Blue
Headstart For Happiness
Heaven's Above
Heavens Above
Here's One That Got Away
How She Threw It All Away
I Ain't Goin' Under
I Am Leaving
In Love For The First Time
It Didn't Matter
It Just Came To Pieces In My Hands
It's A Very Deep Sea
Life At A Top Peoples Health Farm
Long Hot Summer
Love Pains
Move On Up
My Ever Changing Moods
My Ever Changing Moods (с табами)
My Very Good Friend
Night After Night
Party Chambers
Promised Land
Right to go
Shout to The Top!
Speak Like A Child
Spin Driftin'
Spring, Summer, Autumn
Sweet Loving Ways
The Cost of Loving
The Gardener Of Eden
The Lodger's
The Lodger's (Or She Was Only A Shopkeeper's Daugh
The Paris Match
The Paris Match (с табами)
The Piccadilly Trail
The Stand up Comic's Instructions
The Story Of Someone's Shoe
The Whole Point (с табами)
The Whole Point Ii
The Whole Point of no Return
Waiting On A Connection
Walking The Night
Walls Come Tumbling Down
Who Will Buy_
Why I Went Missing
With Everything to Lose
You're The Best Thing