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when the nations rise with the eyes of arrogance raise your war cry and be shattered the strings of dissention ensnared by an evil tongue cast your ring of disappointment the plague of dissolution the plans of your devise they will be thwarted spirit stained by corrupted flesh your hollow truths will be shattered your riches are acquired by the misfortune and bloodshed of others within our midst is the prophesied age of a new babylon all the images of its gods lie smashed on the ground it's driven by darkness the dwelling place for demons for the nations race to drain the cup of the maddening wine of power to deny a man of his rights to deprive a man of justice he looked for justice but saw bloodshed for righteousness but heard cries of distress he will cleanse the bloodstains of the oppressed by a spirit of judgment spirit of fire he things that drive us to hate to love to lust to greed and to good is longing every soul is born with that vague undefined hole we search each other's eyes for answers and fine none God will break the yoke that burdens you but those who refuse to see leading others astray in your iniquities terror will seize you the hour of your judgment will come

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