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praise is truly sacrifice sorrow is a sage so now i wait i never dreamed that i'd be here as a sacrament to be raised and then broken it never to spoken still swallows my only breath of hope incinerating words have never fallen so short hands raised in submission still your sanctuary burns still burning no one told me that this grief would feel so much like fear tears without protest a soul seeking solace she's dying to wake but late is the daybreak gasping and groaning the silence breaks for seething i hear a still small voice inside me say grace grows in winter how i long to believe that it speaks the truth is this not my lot life all is not comprehendible and all is not beautiful however all has meaning and all can create beauty let me see the meaning in this let me find the beauty in this life is learning what cannot break you can only be a catalyst for growth creation groans for completion truth wakes understanding and the morning comes yielding peace oh how i long for this to be truth

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