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i refuse to shudder in the face of sacrifice undying the legacy of truth shines through adversity the furnace of affliction could not absolve it and you in your high-chair comfort stagnant thoughts the accolades of arrogance wear them like a crown heart painted scarlet and your followers follow you down now drown in your contradictions turned religion consumed by the grave for death is to feed on these things and more the power which they've given you will still surcease still more bitter that death is to walk in silence is to die discontent is to gaze in the eyes of your maker and to feel no love only resentment this more bitter than death itself i've seen the face of redemption and i've closed my eyes i've felt the hand of grace mend my broken heart i've pierced my savior's side with deceit and lies in the midst of betrayal still repentance waits and this i resolved within myself my adversary will no longer be my master for this i weep bitterly in the night i sought shelter in sleep but sleep is restless without hope i looked for a thread of hope but he was frail frayed fabric slowly wearing i have no use for remorse save for learning slowly wearing have no use for remorse yet it consumes me

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