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i fall i fall i fall to my knees for this my Lord i plea in this hour alone i shall surely stand stoned for fear will face me meet me where I flee still, i run away this cup i pass to pray as a river's end meets sea so my eyes they flood into Thee in many ways i feel i've dug my own grave grave grave my own a friend what does it mean obedience what does it bring knowledge comes easy easily obtained wisdom the greater but only through pain this i ask for to surround to near the backbone to growth and therefore to clear convictions that draw me closer to lead me decisions to follow thoughts that bring healing truth to perfection and my spirit discerning but in all that i've learned i am still learning that the plague of my life i must fight to survive these self-same truths revealed to me to be the absolute change starts in thought as it can only be taught with a deep concern the heart through mind through time learn wearily i divide i divide you're called to disunite afraid that they may scatter but rather they gather

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