There's flies buzzing 'round me, I'm begging for a breeze
The grass that surrounds me is so high that I can't see
There's something out there watching me and I can't find no peace
If it catches up with me, its gonna kill me by degrees
Stand up, Wake up
The sun is sinking fast now and the night is moving in
I've got to find a place where I know I won't be seen
If you're out there can't you help me, 'cause I try but I can't scream
And I know that its not real, but I can't break out of this dream
Stand up, Wake up
This song is for the people living this dream
Their minds twisted in an endless scream
We're walking through a graveyard, the wind howling through the trees
We've got to wake up soon or life will pass by like a breeze
What's it gonna take to make you realize
You're killing yourself I've seen it in your eyes
Stand up, Wake up

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