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this is a good one. I play it for my cat all the time. Crank up the reverb
and play it clean. Some of you might want to sing Strat Cat Strut.
could someone send this to Nevada FTP?
This is the basic progression: Cm Bb Ab G7
Stray Cat Strut
The Stray Cats
|Cm Bb |Ab G7 | cont. | |
Oooh Oooh
Cm Bb Ab G7
Black and orange stray cat sittin' on a fence.
Cm Bb Ab G7
Ain't got enough dough to pay the rent.
Cm Bb Ab G7 G7 (tacet)
I'm flat broke but I don't care, I strut right by with my tail in the air.
Fm Eb Db C7 Fm Eb Db C7
Stray cat strut I'm a ladies cat, I'm a feline Casanova hey man that's that.
Fm Eb Db C7 Fm (tacet)
Get a shoe thrown at me from a mean old man. Get my dinner from a garbage can.
Cm Bb | Ab G7|Cm(tacet)| |
Verse 2
Fm Fm7 Cm Fm
I don't bother chasing mice around. I slink down the alley looking for a fight
D7 G7 Cm Bb
howlin' to the moonlight on a hot summer night. Singin' the blues while the
Ab G7 Cm Bb Ab G7 Cm Bb
lady cats cry. Wild stray cat you're a real gone guy. I wish I could be as
Ab G7 Cm(tacet)
care-free and wild, but I got cat class and I got cat style.
|Cm Bb |Ab G7 | etc.
repeat verse 2
|Cm Bb |Ab G7 |Cm (tacet) Cm

"The blues is a low down achein' chill" Robert Johnson

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