Walking down this street going back home
coming back from the studio the night is falling
a couple of old people slowly walking suddenly she’s falling
it’s so unexpected it’s going too fast
she can’t realize she’s hitting the ground

She’s wasting away at a blistering pace
She’s getting closer to the tragic ending

People running over to her life lifeless body that is lying on the pavement
finally I can hear the sirens some rescue’s coming
not even taking a last breath slowly she’s moving away to a better place
firemen keeping lookin’ for a pulse but she’s already resting in peace

He’s standing there all alone scared frightened and shattered
Of this life he’s going to have to live on his own
Understanding that she’s dying he couldn’t believe
That this nightmare would be proved to be his darkest reality
He’s watching her powerless passing away

(Thanks to thomas for these lyrics)

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