Cannot believe in it
But it was as matter of fact
Time comes
Your eyes are looking, are looking at me
The sense of love
Is piercing my heart, but I'm afraid
Your magic your
Witchcraft is a power
Fire will make
Suffer your damned soul
Voice of priest
Is giving his judgement. It is your death
Tongues of flame
Will burn your body. Die in pang
I love and
Hate you child of night
You must die
By my hand. It is a fate
Oh, Emily!
Die! Please don't cry
Burn! Please pray
Die! Please don't cry
Burn! Please forgive
Emily! I'm your lover
Emily! I'm your punisher
That's all! Your soul has settled in hell
But something remained here with me
May be love passion or poison of witchcraft
I don't now! I am lost in conjecture
I'm afraid! It's enough to make my flesh creep
I want to forget you
Forget you
But I can't!

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