And again, the clouds getting away
Well i guess, this is it
thinking about a way to open your eyes
but it's only confusing me more
I'm searching, but i don't even know what for
Well it must be words but I can't find them and therefor
I lie about everything
I lie I lie
Yeah now I can see those bright blue eyes
they're watching me everytime I look away
Why, tell me why, is the sweetest candy
always the hardest one to get
I'm lying here without knowing what i said
well you must have presst the button in my head
Well you talk to me again, after all I've put him through
Well I make him listen to my story,
that's what I always want him to do
Well I run into him today, just like I did yesterday
Or would that be a little bit overdone?
a little bit overdone

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