You've been here before
I've seen that face before I opened the door to you
You've got the power
That's why I like you
Yes it's true

Inside on the ceiling
black above the deathbed.
There's a bandage on the curtain
across the window. It moves but
does not move.

Deep, deep in a room patiently
shining in the darkness
surrounding. Small details
dissolving, the moment it comes
penetration is due

You've got the power
That's why I like you
Yes it's true

Outside there's a wind crawling
up the hill to the top of the
trees. Moving through a melody
of grief it sounds like running
from the body.

You're coming up through,
nobody sees you, but I do.
First notice the feeling
and then the sound as the
flesh breaks through

I said it all, was that all
I said, yeah I said it all
was that all I said

You've got the power, that's
why I like you
Yes it's true

He's been driving since 1943
Never sent a postcard home
What about them bones in the orchard wall
Yeah he's running from the body

Yes it's true
Raise your right hand and swear to tell the truth, the whole
truth, and nothing but the truth

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